Linen sateen Pillowcases

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Weaved in a sateen way of 190g/m², using thiner yarns together with a higher density, to obtain this incredible soft touch.
The subtle color range and a simple associated with delicate finish express the beauty of a product designed to last .



Before their first use, we advise you to unfold it and wash it.




Avoid excessively high temperatures and spin speeds that damage the laundry and consume energy.


Nowadays, machines and detergents give excellent results at 30/40 degrees.


Try to wash your sheets separately (watch out for flypants, hooks, and other zippers).


Avoid all products based on active agents and bleaching.





Choose the air from the clothesline or clothesline to the dryer to maximize flax fiber, color and elasticity.


If you use a dryer, opt for a moderate temperature and remove your sheets before complete drying.


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