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Washed linen Curtains Easyclip

The Easyclip curtain turns around the wire and fixed thanks to snaps, creating an alternate decorative ruffles and snaps.

The curtain laying indifferently in one direction or the other.

Linen sateen Curtains Easyclip

Weaved in a sateen way of 190g/m², using thiner yarns together with a higher density, to obtain this incredible soft touch.
The subtle color range and a simple associated with delicate finish express the beauty of a product designed to last .

"Voile Lourd" Curtains
Curtain (or plaids) woven in very fine linen, whose yarn imperfections sign authenticity, and which offers transparency and original rendering.

Unlike our other curtains, the installation is done with clip rings.
"Voile Mêlé" Curtains

Latest 100% European linen collection of light and fluid curtains or throws, mixing the new Lissoy shades in a very fine and delicate woven-dyed fabric. This new product can be hung as curtains using the clips available or can be used as a plaid for the bed or the sofa.

"Filet" Curtains Easyclip

This innovative collection of linen net fastened with lissoy snaps
gives rise to unique curtains that filter the light beautifully and
highlight the linen thread and the weaver's know-how.

The heavy and graceful fall and the width brought to 170cm
reinforce the natural chic of this atypical product declined in 4 colors
offering many associations with the existing collections.

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