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Linen Sateen Fitted Sheet

Weaved in a sateen way of 190g/m², using thiner yarns together with a higher density, to obtain this incredible soft touch.
The subtle color range and a simple associated with delicate finish express the beauty of a product designed to last .

100% Vegetable dye on linen...

Here is the innovation made by Lissoy, a collection of bed linen in 100% linen, woven in France and dyed with organic dyes (GOTS) made in France from natural plants.

Several shades are obtained :

- Kaki based on Resèda (Lissoy name Réséda)
- Natural based on Henné (Lissoy name Blé)
- Rose made from rich Garance (Lissoy name Figue)
- Light grey from Myrobalan (Lissoy name Absinthe)
- Greyed Violet based on Campêche (Lissoy name Muscat noir)

Each product is delivered in a pretty linen pouch.

Draps housse toile de lin

LINEN CANVAS - 100% Made in France

Our fitted sheets are made , manufactured, dyed and softened thanks to the know-how of French craftsmen.

They are made with an elastic all around to ensure good support on the mattress. The cups are 30 centimeters which allows them to fit on most mattresses.

In the same linen fabric we also offer duvet covers, pillowcases, quilts, cushions and curtains.

Unfold your products before washing them, do not overload the machine and wash at 40 ° C. Use a mild detergent and avoid any chlorine bleaches.

If possible, dry linen linen on a drying rack. If you use a dryer, avoid excessively high temperatures or "intensive drying" programs.

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