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Linen Fitted Sheet
€56.50 €113.00

The LISSOY linen fitted sheets are made with elastic all around to ensure good holding of the mattress. The side panels are between 30 and 33 cm, which allows them to fit over most mattresses.

The Fitted sheet exist in the same range of colors as our bed linen which allows you to put a finishing touch to your bedding.

Linen Pillowcases

The pillow cases are made in a bag format and include an inner pocket of 20 cm.

The closure is done on the side thanks to a series of snaps visible on one side and hidden on the other side by a button placket.

The pillow cases exist in the same colors and weaves as the bed linen.

Linen Standart Duvet Cover

In our standard quality linen, we offer a collection of classic duvet cover with European style bottle shape insert.

These collection colors are intended to mix with all our offerings and offers all sizes including single bed.

Linen Curtain

The Easyclip curtain turns around the wire and fixed thanks to snaps, creating an alternate decorative ruffles and snaps.

The curtain laying indifferently in one direction or the other.

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Cotton Throws
€42.50 €85.00

Plaid cotton pique with a nice bark appearance. It can be used as plaid but also as bed covers

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Linen Duvet Cover Straight...
€151.25 €302.50

Based on the same linen fabric we offer a collection of duvet cover straight form, closed at the bottom by snaps, invisible on one side and visible on the other side.

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Cushion Cover merchants brands
€37.50 €75.00

Vitré: A little history From the 15th century, the boom in trade saw the birth of merchant brands whose function was to quickly identify the owner of the goods. Inspired by his daring ancestors, Lissoy imagined a collection of very thick fabrics available in a collection of rugs, decoration panels and cushions for interior decoration.

Black Terry towel

Ultra-chic sponge towels This new collection of 650g / m2 high-end linen sponges offers a soft feel and a woven-dyed finish that marks the singular Lissoy style. The Lissoy snap button is naturally and functionally positioned to allow the napkin to be fixed to suit your style and style by matching perfectly with the woven pattern of the fastener.

Quilt "Edouard"

Beautiful 100% linen weave with mohair touch

We offer the Edouard collection in exclusive Lissoy shades and composed of quilts, cushion covers and plaids.

Wire Panels

This innovative collection of linen net fastened with lissoy snaps
gives rise to unique curtains that filter the light beautifully and
highlight the linen thread and the weaver's know-how.

The heavy and graceful fall and the width brought to 170cm
reinforce the natural chic of this atypical product declined in 4 colors
offering many associations with the existing collections.

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