Fitted sheets Box 17" - Washed linen

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Our bed linen 100 % Linen is produced exclusively in Europe from the finest premium linen fibers.

Standards and certifications

All manufacturing processes meet the most stringent European standards.


Technical aspects

Our products are 100% washed linen providing stability of colors and dimensions. However, due to the nature of the linen we cannot guarantee the dimensions within a tolerance range of +/- 3%.

Total length of a Easyclip ® panel is 266cm including the flap. The Easyclip panel exist only in two wide dimensions.

The snaps are placed on the sides by 12 and are designed for machine washing.



Unfold your product before washing. Do not overload the machine and wash at 40 ° C. Use a mild detergent and do not use chlorine bleach.

Wherever possible make dry linens in line clothing. If you use a dryer, avoid high temperatures or programs " Intensive drying ".

If you want to keep the slightly wrinkled appearance avoid ironing or use steam program without pressing too hard on the machine.

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100% washed linen
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